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Disability is not a shame, but it is the fact that one can best learn to live with it through educational support.


Jennifer Ziba (Founder) : Became disabled herself as a child.
Our Founder

All children deserve to live a happy life.

Jennifer Ziba is a Persian pop singer. Since she was a little girl, she enjoyed setting up shows with her family. She did this almost every evening, which became a ritual for her and her loving family. The first song that she wrote was dedicated to her father, who she admired very much. Later on in high school, Jennifer Ziba put together her own rock band, and after doing this, she fell more in love with music. After graduating, she went to college and majored in Acting, Directing and Singing. Jennifer Ziba was trained by Richard Lauren. She sings in many languages: English, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, and Hebrew. She dedicated ‘Embraceable You’ to Richard, which was the first song she worked on with him professionally. Jennifer Ziba also worked on many educational programs for disabled children through her foundation, Next American Generation Foundation.

Fundraising Community

Without your support, it would not be possible to develop these educational shows.

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